Machiavelli. Becoming and virtue



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When it no longer seemed feasible to believe in the idea that improved relations of production would remove an important source of discord among men, various new metaphysical conceptions were established. Rather than focusing attention again on the precariousness of the natural, and consequently historical, context in which men have always found themselves living (in this sense even Machiavelli’s conception, not just Hobbes’, is a metaphysics!), hence the connection between reason and passions, with all the prominence due to epithumia, pleonexia and the cyclical nature of the forms of government, with the recurrence of tyranny, these interpretive paradigms support the notion that all the troubles that have fallen on our species stem from what happened, in a historically datable time, in the revalued “holy house of logic”.


PAOLO VINCIERI (1944) graduated from the University of Bologna, Italy. He has been full professor of Moral Philosophy since 1987, first at the University of Messina and then at the University of Bologna.

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