Pues no soy mujer. The Upheaval of Singularity in Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz


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As the several examples analyzed in this text suggest, sor Juana problematizes the age-old question of identity from within. This causes not only a disintegration of the structure of identity and of the process of identification, but also a breakup of the very structuralist ground upon which they stand. Presenting a subject that is semiotic, unplaceable, and untranslatable, and that functions along with a sex that is, in its turn, singular and excessive, entails a profound reshaping of identity politics beyond the sphere of the metaphysic of presence. Sor Juana interestingly configures a non-binary and fluid position for her subjectivity that even today can enter into a powerful dialogue with contemporary feminist theory.


VALERIA STABILE earned her Ph.D. degree in Language and Hispano-American Literatures and Gender Studies from the University of Bologna and the Utrecht University. She is active as researcher in the field of literature, gender studies, feminist theory, and linguistics. Her interests are focused on Spanish and Hispano-American Literatures and in particular on sor Juana Inés de la Cruz’s corpus.

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